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All the Doctors of Chiropractic of the clinic speaks fluently English.

We are active since 1998 treat successfully patients with numerous diseases including: herniated discs, disc protrusion, chronic back pain, disc problems, sciatica, neck pain, stiff neck, headache , cefalea, symptoms of whiplash, back pain, balance disorder, dizziness, tinnitus, problems related to bad posture, scoliosis, joint pain, frozen shoulder , arthritis, problems related to growth, kyphosis, flat feet, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, tension orf the dura mater, functional neurological problems from stroke, insomnia, chronic stress related problems.

Our treatment method integrates chiropractic knowledge, posture, physiatry, physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine and chiropractic, Back Schoool, Zilgrei method, herbal medicine and nutritional biochemistry, neurology, radiology and kinesiology.

Sometimes the treatments can be integrated, because the programs are tailored to the individual patient needs. We create individual care pathways with the sole aim of encouraging self-healing.

Treatments are specific, painless and safe, made by experienced specialists.

We are specialised in treating patients with multiple disc herniations. People come from all Europe and may follow cicles of treatments to avoid surgery and succesfully heal naturally.

We do NOT use drugs, eliminating their side effects , nor surgery.

Chiropractic is for everyone from the elderly to children.

  1. We often help and treat many people that come to Milan from abroad for work or leisure. Stress, fatigue, different habits or simply different beds and pillows can lead to stiffness in their necks, headaches or even very painfull backs and ruin their staying in Milan.Most of them are already under chiropractic care and search a D.C. to help them as soon as possible.
  2. We are also specialised in the care of athlets from professionals to amateurs. Many professional sports teams utilize chiropractic care for two main reasons, one is prevention to avoid accidents, the other is to increase performance and recover faster the muscular efforts through greater balance and coordination body.
  3. We treat many dancers of the ballet of “La Scala Theater” in Milan and many professional singers and actors that come to perform in Milan. The artists strive physically as well as athletes but, in addition, are very sensitive and must be helped to overcome the heavy emotional stress they undergo. We often find in them blocks of the diaphragm, that can cause disturbances of gastric reflux. The artists, after treatments, in addition to feeling better physically and psychologically, refer to being able to be more relaxed and creative.

Backpain and disc herniation

Headache and cervical pain

Postural problems

Insomnia and chiropractic

Chiropractic antistress

Somatosensory tinnitus

Grow up healthy

Age gracefully


Whiplash injury

Sport and chiropractic

How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me: Introducing Usain Bolt

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V.I.P. and artists

I would recommend this to other patient!

I always go to see my chiropractic in New Zeland. My lower back has problem during traveling. It creates discomfort when I walk. I found this chiropractic studio online while I m traveling in Italy. Service is good and very effiective to stop the issue. I would recommend this to other patient!


They saved my holidays!

I had an emergency and went to the studio without an appointment. They welcome me so friendly. I dind’t wait more than 10 min until they took me to the treatment. They saved my holidays! Thank you for the professional therapy and for everythins else!

Nadine Cristina

Estoy eternamente agradecido

Gracias Manuel, Alessandro y a todo el equipo Mazzini por ayudarme tan exitosamente en mis problemas fisicos. Como ex tenista y actual profesor de tenis tengo una serie de lesiones que solo con ellos y sus tecnicas consigo mejorar.Vengo exclusivamente de Madrid para tratarme con este equipo excelente y de calidad humana inmejorable. Estoy eternamente agradecido. Un abrazo fuerte

Martin Moscioni

I can not recommend them enough

I travelled from Sydney, Australia to Milan, Italy for a business trip and had arrived over the weekend with a severe disc bulge in my L5. My body was contorted significantly to protect the spine resulting in excruciating pain. I was desperate as I had 2 days in a conference coupled with the prospect of flying back to Australia for 24 hour in a severe state. Read More

Tom Van Gessel

Chiropractic has improved my life

It is amazing how chiropractic has improved my life. Thanks to Doctor Mazzini’s professional knowledge and excellent skills, not only was I freed from joint pains, but I feel confident and optimistic about myself. Read more

Xinyi Cai


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